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5 definitions by Z3r0

Used for someone that competely sucks at life and should die... or... Just someone you hate with a passion...
"wow your a complete salkys, why do you live??? come on now you just ruin everything, you salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
3 3
use commonly for people that are big gays... the allision of the two make... bigay... o and did i mention they take it in the ass...
"you fucking bigay... u def. lick the cock... u def. take it in the ass... u salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
5 7
normally what will happen when you get hit by a car... or sat on by a fat woman...
"wow! that fat ladie in the car deffinataly left treadmarks all over you dumb ass... (((salkys)))" (i perfer you look up salkys)
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
1 3
normally what happens when you grow old, or your just a dirty whore with a drying problem...
"ew... that girl was nasty... she had crusty labia like woah..."
"dude thats my mom!"
"ya so?"
"dude your such a salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
3 8
Main Entry: hec·tic
Pronunciation: 'hek-tik
Function: adjective

1: a lamer clan leader of DwR who likes to dress up in womens clothing and masterbate to pictures of his cat. A known associate of Kripsy....see definition of Kripsy.
Your a gay ass Hecktic wannabee!
by z3r0 July 17, 2004
11 31