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Whipped. Ass. Bitch.
Guy#1-"Hey dude what are you getting your girlfriend for your "ANNIVERSARY?""

Guy#2-"I actually bought her a really nice purse"

Guy#1-"Really!? Like a coach one?! How much did it cost???"

Guy#2-"About Two Hundred Bucks.."

Guy#1"...Dude your a f#$@'n Whipped Ass Bitch..you WAB!!"

ALL(as Guy#2 tries to explain himself)-"WAAAAAAAAAB!!"

Other Examples-
"he's being such a wab right now"
"look at this wab facebook post"
"I would still be friends with her but omg she's such a wab"
by Z3BWBRN April 15, 2011

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