1 definition by Z-man (a former FLID)

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The female version of FLID (Fucking Long Island Dick) which is the Debbie Gibson, gum chewing, big 80's hair, Nassau County Community College (AKA The 13th Grade) attending, nail-art wearing FLIC (Fucking Long Island Cunt) whose name is probably Lisa or Marie and has a horrible accent, attitude and uses foul language at the drop of a hat. AKA - the kind of chick a FLID preys upon at Malibu or The OBI. FLICs' are usually found in groups of 5 or more, so be careful.
Appropriate for any spoiled female that thinks her shit don't stink and lives like she was still in high school even though that was 6 years ago and has an attitude problem is most likely a FLIC.
by Z-man (a former FLID) March 02, 2007

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