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A particular frame of mind or worldview that is relative to and/or distinguished from that of others
Example one:
When I need to find my own headspace, I go and write my blog, cook one of my favorite foods, or dance to a favorite song. No one and no thing can bother me then.

Example two:
John says: My boss micromanages me so much, even beyond simple work details, that I have little headspace at the end of the day.
by Z Last Words October 02, 2009
boring and long in speaking or writing, wherein there does not seem to be much particular relevance or significance; as such is typically extolled by individuals who are oblivous and synonymously known as a gas bag, wind bag, blow hard, bloviate, etc.; or, otherwise, is expressed by a persons who is so over fraught with an idea that they are not able to explain it plain and simply.
Example 1: The President of the Board of Commissioners is a real blow hard, as it never fails that he has to stonewall through the entire meeting and grandstand everyone with his long winded sessions, not letting anyone have equal time to particpate or counter his position.

Example 2: She failed to get support from voters when she made a long winded presentation to the Board of Commissioners, instead of a well planned out and well considered offer.
by Z Last Words October 02, 2009
Variant of wacked and synonymous with words like fucked, banged, shafted, jerked, screwed, put out and so forth; therein conveying a sense of sexual exploitation, prior to being utterly devestated, or "done in" with a show of violent, sadistic rage that renders the object to an inebriated state that is nasty and/or sordid.
In the James Bond/ 007 novels and movies, its often seems like Bond is going to be whacked by his vixen henchwomen, such as "May Day" (A View to a Kill) and "Pussy Galore" (Goldfinger); but, somehow his fate is turned and the evil women learn to respect and adore him, thus giving him his escape to victory.
by Z Last Words October 03, 2009

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