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To run with determination, even while lacking coordination.
On my way to work I saw some kid gumpin it out of the grocery store while trying to carry two cases of beer. A rent-a-cop tackled him before he even made it out of the parking lot.
by Z Hespelt January 31, 2007
a bugling man fart that, if unleashed in the wild, may attract a cow in estrus.
Tom, you're never going to get a date if you keep sounding the chocolate moose call in class...unless you're in Zoology, maybe.
by Z Hespelt August 25, 2007
A typo/deviation of the word broke or broken. Often used to refer to something that once worked, but after screwing with it, now doesn't -- Many Windows patches fall into this category.
1) The latest Service pack fixed the login errors, but it borked the rest of my computer.

2) I borked Joe's mom.

3) If the damn thing is working, don't mess with the settings, you might bork it again.
by Z Hespelt March 14, 2007
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