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3 definitions by YzRaAcH

1. Cool, awesome.
2. Attractive (used in a sexual manner)

An adjective taken from the dialect of the planet Landoor in the book "A Phule and his Money." Possibly a derivative of terrific.
1. Man, John's got one triff car
2. Jessica Alba, now there's a triff honey
by YzRaAcH June 08, 2004
54 37
A synonym for shit, but with the more figurative connotations. Taken from the New York underground language replacing the initial letter in a word with the letter z.
Where'd you get this weed? This zhit is tasty!
by YzRaAcH June 08, 2004
16 4
A state of being cool or enjoyable, possibly bangin or crunk

An adjective formed out of the underground New York street language formed by replacing other initial letters with the letter z (as in crunk to zrunk).
Damn, this is one zrunk party, with all the triff honies and the free beer.
by YzRaAcH June 08, 2004
5 2