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Easton. The whitest place on the planet with the most kids that want to be black. Also, the most drug-oriented place in CT. It is easier to get an ounce of weed than it is to get your hands on ciggarettes or alcohol. Quite often there is drug busts/searches (including having K9 search lockers). People are usually such a frequent user of drugs becuase we have a ridiculus sum of money and nothing better to waste it on. Speed/cocaine/heroin/acid/shrooms are also some popular drugs that have frequent users, (just to name a few). By seventh grade most kids have tried/known somone who has tried some form of drug (not included alcohol becuase most kids have tried alcohol already). It is true that freshman in highschool could out drink college seniors under-the-table. It is also true that many sources of people's addictions are from their parents.
REAL conversations that could only happen in Easton...

"Hey, do you have a couple dollars? I'm really hungry."
"Sorry, I only have ten left."

"Dad, I have to talk to you. I smoke pot... and I wanted you to know."
"We should get high together sometime."
by YyYyOoO March 03, 2006
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