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portmanteau-type word
describes someone who is conspicuously suspicious, or outwardly doubtful.
Yeah, they say the government's all by-the-for-the andon the level, but peepsget straight up suspicuous about The Towers
by Yves L'Empyr March 16, 2010

acronym for
Mom I'd Like To Admire From A Distance

1.An attractive mom that it's understood one will not be attempting sexual intercourse or cohabitation with.
2.An attractive mom who one is implicitly expressing would be a bad idea for another to approach romantic entanglement with
3.a description of the actual, non sarcastic long-range admiration of a mother
Mandy was astone pony with stemsfor weeks
but she became a MILTAFAD on the spot when I peeped that double decker stroller, homie!
by Yves L'Empyr March 16, 2010
1.euphemism for the fundamental orifice;i.e. the anus.
2. an extremely annoying or abrasive person
1. Since he got high and ate all that blue Pla-Doh,
everyone's been calling him Dungpucker Smurf.
2.That gutless dickshitting dungpucker gots to pay!
by yves l'empyr March 14, 2010

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