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A Communist country to the south of Florida. It revolted from Spanish control and after a mysterious explosion of a US warship in the harbour had the US come in and claim credit for the liberation of Cuba, though all that had remained in Spanish control before the US intevined was the City of Havana. Cuba was colonized and several severe dictatorships followed culminating with General Batista's. Eventually a revolution took place led by Fidel Castro, Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos. After several years of intense fighting the revolution succeded in toppling Batista. As a basic step towards Socialism, Casto's goal, all companies were nationalized. This earned the rath of the US which after failed negotiations imposed a blockade, which is technically still illegal because Cuba never attacked the US. In addition the US began a campain that continues to this day of attempting to kill Castro. One of their more hanous acts was the Peter Pan operation which scared the Cuban public with threats of Castro's drafting of youth and a plead to send the Children to the US allowing parents to follow afterwards. After the children arrived the embargo began and many children never again saw their parents. The ilprepared foster care system put them into homes without time to do a decent backround check. This led to many horrible situations such as serial pedoohiles taking in multiple Cuban children. Castro survives to this day and, despite the US' attemps to overthrow him, has garnerd the support of much of the population. Among the succeses of the revolution are universal healthcare, a lower infant mortality rate than the US and a higher literacy rate than the US.
Cuba is a Communist island south of Florida which ironically has a flag based on that of Texas.
by Yuusou September 22, 2005

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