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A stupid corporate "rap/rock" band that teenage girls and confused boys listen to.

They come from Agura Hills, California (Probably the whitest and most middle-class city in Los Angeles County), and currently live, from what I've heard, in Orange County (No explanation needed). They all grew up, white, (I guess for the rapper, Japanese) privileged, middle-class teenagers, so what on earth could they possible be angry about?

Nothing, yet all the pre-teens eat it up, constantly buying they're crappy merchandise (There's SO much of it) and they're bland albums.

And BTW, they have the worst lyrics of any band EVER. They're corny, predictable, and my god what a horrible rapper.
The only reason Linkin Park is famous is because it's accessible. They're melodies and choruses are catchy, and since they're not talking about controversial topics (Like Rage against the machine) all of the soccer moms let they're kids listen to them.

And no, they're not metal. I don't care if they're Electronica or Nu metal or whatever, real metal is NEVER corporate...
by Yurihex September 15, 2007
The largest Baseball league in the world that is currently haunted by the presence of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, two teams who's fan base usually consist of a bunch of people thousands of miles away who only like them because they win and because they are on TV more often.
Go to any small market baseball team's ballpark when they're playing the Red Sox or the Yankees. I guarantee you you'll find more Yankees and Red Sox fans then fans of the home team.

by yurihex October 28, 2007
An Amazing rock band that never gets any credit for what they do because everyone hates the frontman.

While at first glance they're songs seem painfully obvious, a lot of the time there are several underlying meanings that make them more interesting.

And yes, Marilyn Manson is a satanist, that is, a LaVeyan Satanism. He's a reverend at the church of Satan and the entire Antichrist Superstar album was dedicated to the teachings of satanism (Look up the lyrics to the reflecting god).
Preps hate him because they think he's a freak.

Conservatives hate him because he is a satanist.

Goths hate him because they feel he's a wannabe.

Metal fans hate him because they don't think he's really metal.

Marilyn Manson = Most hated man in music.
by Yurihex October 01, 2007

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