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1 definition by Yung Teqniq

G-unot is a term used to describe the gay rappers belonging to G-unit. the word G-unot stands for GUERILLA U Not.This term was created by The Game to describe his dislike of b*tch and snitch, 50 F*cking cent. by doing this, Jayceon Taylor( The Game) has launched a worldwide assault on the world's biggest snith, fifty cent. All the members of G-unit are f*gs especially that old nigga Tony Yayo aka Tony Mayo aka Tony Gayo. fifty cent's carreer is run by beef, ex. Ja-rule, Fat joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and of course, The Game.
50 critized Ja-rule for singing in his music, yet later on, after Ja-rule died out, f*cking 50 cent started singing in his music.
for example: ''window shoppa''; ''best friend.''

so, it's Blackwallstreet for life: GGGGGGG-UNOT
by Yung Teqniq May 12, 2006