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Worst possible insult that could ever be thrown at you. Applies to clothes, grades, hygene, personality, and everything else.
Guy1: I look pretty cool huh?

Guy2: Naaw nigga you stank and you look like you got your clothes out of the walmart trashcan. Looks like you rockin that nyani swag.
by Yung Midnite February 07, 2011
A guy who only dates and hooks up with fat and unattractive girls. He heards fat girls like cattle.
Daddy: Aaaaaaaaaaaye Lavonte! You hook up with that one fine bitch last night?

Lavonte: Are you kidding?!?! She had bomb tits and ass, her face was nice, and she had a great body. Hell no. I only like fat bitches. If you see a fat cow around let me know.

Daddy: Ooo..your a herder? Well i guess fat girls need love too.
by Yung Midnite February 28, 2011

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