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To orgasm.

A sensation of joy and warmth and pleasure.
The couple were having a sleepover at her house. They finished their movie, and the look in each others eyes told them right away.
All the lights in the house were dark, and they stripped down. They ran about, her 34C boobs bouncing joyfully. They went to her room, enjoying the fact that her parents weren't home.
he shoved her on the floor, kissing her. Then he licked her pussy, sucking on her clit.

She, in turn gave him an exciting blowjob.
She wanted his dick inside of her pussy, but he had other ideas. after cumming, he wanted her to have a joyful orgasm, so he took the small one-and-a-half inch wide flashlight, had her suck it, and pushed it up her pussy. She moaned, and as he moved it harder and faster, she panted excitedly. "Oh!Oh! Oh baby! harder! Oooh ow! oh! More!More! harder! ooh baby! ahh ooh!" she moaned, the flashlight was hard and dense, penetrating her tight pussy.Then, as fast as he had been pushing it, he took it out, and she cummed all over him, laughing at the warm squirt on his dick. he licked up every single bit of cum off. then they continued to fuck.
by Yummy yummy fuck August 26, 2012

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