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a cool indian girl who others hold high esteem for. she is one awesome chica!
Madhavi likes Get Fuzzy comics because they are hilarious. She even cuts them out of the newspaper to look at them more than once to keep her spirits up.
by Yumi July 03, 2004
The language of the rabbits in the book Watership Down, also an adjective that could be taken to mean rabbit-like.
The dog had a certain lapine quality about him.
by yumi April 13, 2005
Scene points is a way to make people feel pathetic and Lame..Which they probably are..But still..Scene points aren't nessacery..Soon they will be a dumb fad and ruin the whole scene genre..Like Straight edge and emo.Plus scene isn't all about hating hip-hop.Those are the HxC scene kidds.SxC Scene kidds don't take part in quality points and making fun of other kiddies.
SxC scene kidds:That new kidd has cool hair.
HxC scene kidds:That kidd is such a poser he ahs the same hair as me..He lost so many points.
by Yumi April 15, 2005

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