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5 definitions by Yum--cake balls

When you kick someone so hard in the asshole, they actually shit their pants.
Oh man, that guy just gave me a Dead Charlie. Better go clean up...
by Yum--cake balls January 23, 2011
Placing your non-erect cock in between someones butt cheeks.
I sneaked up on Suzannah while she was bending over tying her shoe, and placed my penis down her exposed butt crack and shouted "Baked Potato!"
by Yum--cake balls January 01, 2011
To Pigeon Crawl or go Pigeon Crawling is when you or a group of friends each down a bottle of Nyquil and go jerk off in the bathroom of a Chuck-e-Cheese.
Me and 3 of my dude friends had a pigeon crawl last Wednesday... what a mess.
by Yum--cake balls December 26, 2010
When partaking in anal sex, the person receiving the package squeezes their asshole really tight and proceeds to do a barrel roll-like motion.
While Gary was ass humping his wife, he accidentally called out Bruce Willis' name, so his wife gave him a Crocodile Death Roll.
by Yum--cake balls March 05, 2011
The act of getting a full on erection from the movie "Radio"
Paul had High Frequency when his parents, wife, children and pastor came into the room to have their weekly chili dinner.
by Yum--cake balls February 07, 2011