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An AMV is acronim for "Anime Music Video" It is when an anime fan, takes clips of their favorite anime and mash them together cleverly, putting it to music. A good AMV consists of nice timing, a good, fitting song, clear, vivid clips, and an author/creators note on what song was used, if the viewers so wish to look up the song if they like it. Many people have stated that the are stupid videos, with only Linkin Park for crappy music. This statement is false. It uses many bands, singers and even rappers. They can express various emotions such as sadness, happiness, anxiousness, grief, and many others.
A very well put together, elite AMV, is "This is War-30 seconds to Mars- Fullmetal Alchenist AMV (FULL)" It evokes tears of happiness, for those who have watched the series and have seen shat both the main characters have gone through. It holds spoilers for the end of the series, "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brothehood", so it would be wise not to watch it if you have not een it all.
by Yukihito January 12, 2012

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