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A Japanese comedy online manga/anime taking place around the time of World War II. All of its characters represent modern day countries, such as Kiku Honda(Japan), Ludwig(Germany), and Feliciano(Italy).
All the characters are the stereotypes of their countries. Such as Alfred(America) is often seen eating cheeseburgers, Heracles(Greece) loves cats, Feliciano(Italy) is addicted to pasta, and the most infamous one: Francis(France) is the extreme bisexual hopeless romantic.
It was originally going to be aired on TV, but Korean protesters found its portrayal of the Korea character(Im Young Soo) to be offensive.(So it was canceled.)
"My favorite Hetalia character is China(Wang Yao) because he loves pandas and Hello Kitty!" (All true facts)
"Its so cute how Greece always is cuddling his kitties!"
"Francis has to stop groping people." (Also true facts...)
by Yukie March 28, 2009
A great book. Takes place sometime in the future, in a utopia. This community has no diversity or difference among its residents. Later it is realized to be a dystopia, for the way they "release" (execute) some of the citizens, for population control reasons. (Oops! Did I just spoil it? Sorry!)
Jonas, a member of the community, is chosen to work under the Giver. He is a man who stores all memories of sadness and strife. Later in the book, he tries to reform the community by running away, releasing all his kept memories, so the citizens can learn from them.
"Dude! The Giver movie's gonna come out in 2011!!!"

-"The Giver is the worst book ever."

-"Have you ever read it?"

-"Pft. Who reads? LOL!"

3. "Jonas turns me on."

by Yukie October 21, 2008
GIANT Penguin. From the Kirby games, and appears in Brawl. Known for his Waddle-Dees and "Big-Gay-dance". (Final Smash)
Guy: I just unlocked King Dedede in Brawl!!!
Girl: So? I could still own you with Link.
by Yukie October 21, 2008
A famous Mexican Pop-Latino singer/actor from Mexico City. First got exposure by playing Rocco in the telanovela "Rebelde". He has 2 CD's out, "Mas Diego" and "Indigo" and few of his hits are, Responde, Mas, Perdido En Ti, and Million de Anos.
"My favorite song by Diego Gonzalez is Responde!"
by Yukie February 27, 2009
Mexico + Holic = Mexiholic.
One who is *NOT* Mexican, but has an INTENSE obsession with Mexican culture(Food, people, clothing, music, the like...).

-Generally do exceptionally well in Spanish class, out of pure enthusiasm.
-Prefer you refer to them as Senor/Senorita/Senora.
-Have atleast 1/3 of their music as Pop-Latino.
-Set their iPod in Spanish.
-Do not speak in English. They use Spanglish(Spanish + English).
-Love to eat extremely spicy traditional Mexican cuisine, despite their palettes not being able to tolerate the flavor.
-Plan to name their kids Spanish names.
-Would rather watch "Go, Diego, Go!" than Family Guy or American Idol.
-Would rather see a live Mariachi Band concert than a Green Day or Kanye West concert.
-Add tildes and accent marks on school notes, OUTSIDE of Spanish class.
-Watch channel 195, or MTVtres. (Latino MTV)
-Look forward to Spanish class.
-Will kick your ass if you say anything...ANYTHING which insults Hispanics in any way.
-Own atleast 5 serapes.
-Vow to own a pet chihuahua when they grow up.
-Have seen the movie "Desperado" multiple times.
-Plan to get the symbol in the center of the Mexican flag(with the eagle eating the snake on the cactus)tattooed on one day.
-Roll their R's unintentionally in everyday sentences.
-Secretly like the illegal immigration crisis.
-Believe Spanish>French, when it comes to romantic-sounding value.
-Own more Pesos than American money.
-Will not have sweet sixteens. They will have Quinceaneras.
Charlotte is such a Mexiholic. After downloading all of Reik's albums to her Spanish iPod, buying her tenth Rebelde poster, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Alejandro, she went to the pet store to get her own chihuahua.
by Yukie March 13, 2009
Also known as "Himno Nacional", the Mexican Anthem was written by Francisco González Bocanegra and composed by Jaime Nunó.
It was officially declared Mexico's National anthem in 1943.
Its also called "Mexicanos, al grito de guerra", Spanish for "Mexicans, at the cry of war".
Despite me not being Mexican, I love the Mexican National Anthem!
by Yukie March 13, 2009
One of those movies or films that one sees and later ponders:

Were they on crack or something when they created this?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an AWESOME Crack-Film.
by Yukie October 31, 2009

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