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90% of the content of Urban Dictionary
There are some really neat and astute definitions in Urban Dictionary, but the rest of it is keyboard diarrhea!
by Yuill November 16, 2011
A city in Southern Ontario, Canada where it takes two days to change a light bulb... A Torontonian holds the light bulb while the earth revolves twice!
1) Hey, did you hear about Toronto? The inhabitants there actually think the earth revolves around them.
2) People in Toronto think they are 'world-class', but when you ask about that, they ramble on about a second grade geography lesson.
3) Ask a Torontonian about the geography of their city and they'll tell you they think the universe is bounded by their suburbs Scarberia, Mississludga and Bonehill!
by Yuill November 16, 2011
A middle-eastern country caught between Iraq and a hard place.
Iran can be a hard place to be... Persian, but caught between Arab Iraq and Pashtun Afghanistan.
by Yuill October 21, 2011
An exercise in sophistry that if you don't understand this (whatever) at least as well as I'm pretending to, then you're obviously a moron!
"The bouquet on this 1983 Chateau DePlonk is divinely sophisticated darling... (when it actually smells like skunk shit)... it has a persimmon lavender attack and a finish with notes of sour raspberry cum-shot sauce... It only costs $350 a bottle"
by Yuill October 17, 2011

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