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An adjective describing an event or explanation that is more probable than possible, and thus, is a combination of the two (leaning more towards probable).
Hey, do you think Bonnie's gonna break up with me soon?

Well, it's possible...but more prossible once she moves to Nunavut.
by Yuan Zhou December 05, 2008
Used to describe something that you anticipate will be belated (e.g. wishing someone happy birthday) had it not occurred at this instant (now), at a time which is earlier than "on time".

Most commonly seen on Facebook walls where one friend wishes another a happy "prelated birthday" (in case they forget to do so on the day of).
"Here's my prelated congratulations for acing that test!"
by Yuan Zhou December 05, 2008
A combination of probably and possibly, but with a greater tendency towards probably.
Do you think you'll go to Lynn's party?


Huh? Do you mean "possibly"?

No, because it's not totally probable.
by Yuan Zhou December 05, 2008
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