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-The greatest man ever to set foot on the earth.

-Known by many to be the core inspiration for the new school of thought, Budadoism.

-Played professional football for the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers.

-Controversial 7th grade science teacher, however, considered by the founders of Budadoism to be an extraordinary teacher (and gentleman).
Even Jesus shines Vaughn Williams' shoes.
by Yu Wong March 16, 2008
to empty the semen inside a condom on a girl's face
Dudebro 1: Dudebro, she just milked my bacon with a condom on!

Dudebro 2: It feels great, man! Did you gogurt on that girl's face afterwards?!
by Yu Wong March 15, 2008
to masturbate and/or ejaculate
Dudebro 1: I'm really horny. I'm gonna go milk the bacon.

Dudebro 2: Just make sure you don't get your bacon bits all over my floor.
by Yu Wong March 15, 2008
a recently created school of thought/philosophy pertaining to an atheistic and apathetic way of thinking

Budadoism's teachings are based on that of Vaughn Williams, also known as VW, V-Dub, or Mr. Williams, who is the prominent inspiration of the philosophy.
Dudebro1: I used to be a Baptist, but I just converted to Budadoism!

Dudebro2: All hail V-Dub!
by Yu Wong March 16, 2008
the perfect combination of quantity and taste in a meal

(portmanteau of humongous and delicious)
That steak was humongotacious.
by Yu Wong March 16, 2008
A feeling induced by attempting to patcipate in physical activty following the consumption of a large meal, usually mexican food, whose symptoms include ravenous hunger and extreme fatigue. One's limbs will often become weak, shaky and wobbly.
He had a meal at that new Mexican restaurant, then played a lacrosse game. He got a bad case of the Mex-effect.
by Yu Wong April 09, 2008

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