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This highly secrative and exclusive organization is one of many underground secret societies on Mercer Island.

The origins of this group have been traced to 13th century Scotland, where women of the royal family and other noble ladies of the court founded the Sochai d' Diamant Dubh (the Gaelic which translates to: Society of the Black Diamond). According to government documents and papers recovered form the Scottish Ministry of Foreign Commerce, a member of the society moved to American during the late 1800s where she founded a branch of the group. The Black Diamonds have appeared in small affluent suburbs around America ever since.

Little is known about the Black Diamonds (a.k.a. Diamond City,) but the group reportedly consists of senior girls in the class of 2009. New members are required to undergo a grueling 2 week initiation, but the benefits of the sisterhood are rumored to be enviable. In accordance with the ancient Scottish tradition of the society, the Black Diamonds are primarily in existance to continue the bonds of love and friendship amongst the Senior Babes through their University years, and through the rest of their lives.
Look at those Black Diamonds...they are WAYYY cooler than tripple Cs and G squad.
by Ytic Dnomaid January 31, 2009

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