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3 definitions by Yoza

Neomer n. 1. Neomer was a dual sided scythe used by both Asala of Tears, and Asala the Reborn. Said to glow red.
Neomer has cut down meny men and women.
by Yoza October 02, 2007
Asala of Tears n. 1. Wave one in a two part invasion that took place on an over controlling religious government. The invader’s name was Asala Sype, and she wielded a dual-sided scythe, Neomer, said to glow red.
Asala of Tears distroyed half the empire single handedly.
by Yoza October 02, 2007
Asala n. 1. Believed to be the god of vengeful wrath in Woven mythology, vampires are believed to be her spawn; 2. A liberator of poor folks from an overpowering religious government.
Asala the Reborn liberated the people of Small-Town-Hick-Vill.
by Yoza October 02, 2007