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A non-commital shrugging sound.
Do you wanna go to the mall later?
#meh #meeeh #mhe #oh well #shrug
by Yoyogiddysally January 12, 2009
When you feel as if you don't need anyone or anything. No material posessions, sex, members of the opposite sex etc. Feeling at one with life and itself.
I asked her out for a meal the other day, but she said no coz she had a bad case of hindu mania!
#hindu #mania #hinduism #maniac #manai
by Yoyogiddysally December 02, 2008
To wear one's trousers low. The trend originates from when prisoners weren't allowed belts in jail so their trousers would fall down.
I'm bustin' the low bag.
#low #bag #bustin #trousers #pants #underwear #busting #lowbag
by Yoyogiddysally November 30, 2009
A person who is sickeningly romantic, to the point of annoying all their friends by constantly talking about their relationship/partner or their desire for one. A wetbag is typically female, but can be either single or in a relationship.
Person a: omg Greg is the best like last night he took me out for a candlelit dinner and then took me to a skytop hotel with rose petals on the bed. Like we've only been seeing each other a few weeks but I really think Greg could be the guy I marry
Friend: ugh you are a giant wetbag
#melt #sop #soppy #romantic #hopeless romantic
by Yoyogiddysally January 14, 2015
A person who is very soppy and romantic. They often desire and idealise relationships.
Sue: I really want a relationship like on the movies and a man to spoon me and hold me on the cold nights and eat ice cream with me and play with my hair.
Jane: Don't be a wetbag.
#wetbag #wet bag #sopbucket #melt #sop #soppy #romantic
by Yoyogiddysally November 26, 2014
You lose, Obama wins.
Person a) Omg I just fell ova infront ov that suppperrrhot girl! :O
Person b) Fail.
#fail #epic fail #failure #lose #obama
by Yoyogiddysally January 21, 2009
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