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Name: The most precious and beautiful girl on the planet. If you look into her eyes even once you'll fall in love forever, you have been warned. Also side affects include sudden drooling, tingly feeling in heart, and horniness
Yuri: "Holy shit dude did you look at that girl? I think she might be Donata whatever you do just don't look into her eyes"

Pablo: "haa? *drools*"
by YoYo master October 19, 2013
A girl's cunt or vagina. This comes from the phrase "eat out" and the fact that men want to get inside of it.

Used especially for fat or more experienced girls who have a loosened up twat which is literally like a jar (big and open).
"I want to get my face inside her candy jar and eat everything inside!"

"I fucked her in the candy jar and she came back for more."
by Yoyo master July 19, 2006
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