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Music is just sequences of sounds and sometimes vocals put together.

Now, it has become categories in which today's people has put themselves in express to the world what they represent or what they want to represent.

Categories like gangstas,punk rockers, ravers, ginos, metal rockers, etc.

What I don't understand is why these categories constantly attack each other and their taste, most of the people who actually truly align themselves into a single demographic (most noticable are the "gangstas", but rockers are catching up...) Actually got into that music because it was the fad at the time.

This saying that people aren't truly expressing themselves, but are just emulating what's on TV or what their older friends do.

Music is music. All music is related to each other so make fun of one genre and you will make fun of every genre.
Background music of Rap -> Simple generalized electronic music -> Disco -> "Funky type rock" -> Regular rock -> Country -> Vocals -> Operas(classical singing sorta thing) -> poetry -> rap
by Yourname April 16, 2004
the act of whipping a weapon or gun as the effect of a melee attack also known as pistol whip or just a plain beating with a gun
"Shit fool, if you don't give me ur gold grill im gonna gat smack your ass and knock them bitches out of your mouth."
by yourname March 13, 2005
Any random ass crack whore (male or female) that will do just about anything for crack. And I mean anything.
"Damn, Dasheeki was crack whorin' around town again to buy some crack and a 99 cent double cheeseburger.
by Yourname February 24, 2005
<Player1> Bwahaha i kill j00 wit may knife
by yourname November 06, 2003
The way a person with a strong accent say the word "fatso". Preferrably from The Philippines. (also referred to as fobs)
As used in fob a sentence : Oh my gad, you are getting so patcho now, diba?
by Yourname February 24, 2005

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