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31 definitions by Yourmom

used to refer to someone doing something quickly like a ninja.
Do it with the ninja quickness... we're in a hurry.
by YourMom July 06, 2004
an adjective that describes something really orange and cool
this orange is horange!
by yourMOM August 13, 2004
to make pretty, prettified.
I'm going to make myself prettified.
by yourmom April 16, 2005
an asian word deriving from the word, abo, which means "marvelous"

adjective; great, wonderful, majestic
George Bush is DEFINITELY not shabbo.
by yourmom March 14, 2005
Someone who is not necessarily good looking, but you would go as far as to fuck.
She's a little chunky, but she's taggable.
by yourmom May 06, 2003
After you cornhole a girl, you leave a brown stripe between her tits.
The bitch didn't bake me a pie, so I gave her a necktie.
by yourmom February 05, 2004
The repition of moves especially in fighting games. Mostly used by sore loosers.
You are cheap in soul calibur.
by Yourmom November 13, 2003