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A beautiful girl in every aspect. Kelsey is usually intelligent, dazzling, intriguing, determined, fair, independent, radiant and positive. A Kelsey is cooler than your average friend and loves green, guys, and gum. A Kelsey is someone you can trust and depend upon, knowing that she'll be able to uplift you and make you feel at home. Kelsey is adventurous, interesting and extremely fun. She'll introduce you to new experiences and no matter what you do, it’s impossible to not be exceedingly happy when around a Kelsey. Kelsey is a girl who will comfort you when you're down and listen to your every word with care and understanding. She is someone everyone admires because of how gorgeous she is both inside and out. One should always keep Kelsey close by their side for she will protect, shelter and stand up for them. Kelsey will always be remembered by the hearts she has touched for she has made a huge influence on their lives. A person is grateful for the chance they have to be a part of Kelsey's life.
That Kelsey must be a super hero, because she makes me feel more important than anything. When with her I feel like I’m worth something.

1: "Kelsey is so pretty!"
2: "Wait until you get to know her. She is the most beautiful and heartwarming person you'll ever meet. I'm so glad that we became friends. I think everyone should have a friend like her."
1: "Wow. I can't wait to talk to her." *smiles*

Guy: "You're friends with Kelsey?"
Girl: "Yeah. Why?"
Guy: "You're really lucky. Don't ever lose her as a friend, because she is the best one you'll ever have."
Girl: "I know."
by Youresoawesome! October 25, 2009

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