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Dick's Not Long

A phrase that was created by the Nazi's stating that the Jews did not have large "penis's" and therefore were not required in this world and we're murdered in the millions.
This is not a racial definition, rather a trend Hitler created in March of 1938 before he pursued taking over Germany.

Hitler often quoted the Jews conversations saying "The people of different religions are lacking reproduction due to their tiny packages. We must eliminate their race and repopulate Europe with our own kind" - Which therefore began WWII and failed to achieve his goal because the citizens of Germany realized Hitler was using the Jews as a scapegoat because his "package" was lacking size"
*This information is yet to be released and was provided to a German reporter in 1954 by a relative of Hitler that released this shocking news to the media of Germany.
Dylan: I read up a story about DNL
Matt: Yea it was Nick blaming the jews for having small penises.
Dylan: What?
Matt: Yeah, Nick's DNL, thought you already knew?
Dylan: No, this is some interesting information.
Matt: Indeed, it's why Hitler commited suicide - He looked down.
by YourShadow247 December 01, 2010

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