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The shipper name for the fan pairing of SHIELD agents Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff of Marvel's The Avengers. Analogous to BlackHawk, the combination of their Avenger aliases Hawkeye and Black Widow.
Fangirl 1: Hey, when you go see The Avengers, stay tuned for shawarma!
Fangirl 2: Yay! More Clintasha moments!
by YourNerdyProtagonistGirl May 31, 2012
Don't do something stupid or mess up an opportunity.

Variants include: if you see a bunny, don't fuck it; that bunny has been fucked; and fuck the bunny, you should not.

It comes from the anime Sensitive Pornograph, where the main character, a pet-sitter, is given instructions to feed a bunny for his boss, and instead of a rabbit, he finds a man dressed as a bunny bound in his closet. Instead of doing what a sensible person would do and calling the cops, he proceeds to fuck him.
Richard: Hey, man, I've got a date with Sarah this Friday! I think I'm gonna take her to see a Van Damme movie.

Eli: Dude, don't fuck the bunny. Take her to see something with cute animals or shirtless Matthew McConaughey.
by YourNerdyProtagonistGirl August 30, 2012
What happens when two or more males suddenly have an overpowering and uncontrollable urge to assert their dominance over the other, and innocents are caught in the crossfire.
Adam: Hey, did you hear what happened in the workshop yesterday? Paul and Logan got into a violent screaming match, and it nearly turned into a full-fledged fight!

Austin: Yeah, man, I was there. Total testosterone flashflood. A freshman girl freaked out and started crying it was that intense!
by YourNerdyProtagonistGirl January 14, 2012
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