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n: the photography that encompasses the theme of abandonment or neglect, such as .. your basement. Often for those who want to photograph abandoned buildings later on/cannot find an abandoned building to photograph yet, this is where they start. Basement Photography can be images of gutters, alleys, rickety stairs, parking garages, rusted street lamp posts, old rusted fence, that outdated gas pump on the corner of town, etc.

adj (-er): someone who photographs the likes.
Wow, look at this photoshoot! Prime basement photography ..

Johnny's mother doesn't like him inside those abandoned buildings, so she suggested basement photography until he's out of college.
#basement #photo #photography #real photography #advanced
by YourNeighborhoodGoth May 08, 2011
Alike to "cyber hug" and "cyber kiss" where two or more people use this action. Used appropriately on St. Patrick's Day, or other situations. Get ready to arm yourself from these "cyber pinches" in a social website or chat room!

Can be typed like:
*cyber pinch*
:cyber pinch:
-cyber pinch-
Or just .. "I'm going to cyber pinch you"
Conversation over chat-room site:

Person A: a-ha, not wearing any green
Person B: But it's St. Patrick's day!

Person A: Dude, don't cyber pinch me.
Persona B: *cyber pinches*
Person A: Nuuu!
#cyber hug #cyber kiss #cyber high-five #cyber cheer #cyber roleplay #facebook #st. patrick's day #no #green
by YourNeighborhoodGoth March 17, 2011
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