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Pronunciation: 'sp&rm 'a-kw&-"d&kt

A woman whose vagina is used at such an astronomic rate that no matter how many times she chooses to shower or douche she's left with huge amount of excess of sperm, making her vagina a semen storage device. Seminal fluids typically rival water levels of the Hoover Dam. A Sperm Aqueduct should not be confused with its little sister the "Sperm Bank".

The term Sperm Aqueduct can also be used with homosexual connotations also. SEE EXAMPLE 2
1: Billy's mother is the largest sperm aqueduct in North America.

2: Billy’s is such a homo that his ass is becoming a sperm aqueduct, like his mother’s.
by YourMother1 July 07, 2006
Pronunciation: 'bA-bE "kang-g&-'rü

When the loose skin of the scrotum is pinched with both hands (preferably with one hand on each nut) and stretched upward covering the majority of the testicles and shaft of the penis. This leaves the head of the penis popping out like a "baby kangaroo".
Jake loves looking at my baby kangaroo!
by YourMother1 July 07, 2006
S.A.D. = Severe Aesthetic Deficiencies

An acronym derived from a quote by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy.
That girl has a bad case of S.A.D.'s
by YourMother1 July 07, 2006

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