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Annoying ESPN talking head who has only stepped into a locker room to leer at thick black cock. Has absolutely no credibility due to the fact that most of his arguments contain no facts. Is known to hate LeBron James, T.O, and now Aaron Rodgers, the most. Does daily show on ESPN2, "First take," in which he spews his horse shit.
Rational Person 1: "Skip Bayless said Tebow is better than Rodgers, can you believe that?!"
Rational Person 2: "I hope he gets larynx cancer."
by YourGirlMyHouse November 25, 2011
Worst thing that ever happened to sports broadcasting. Is considered to be the transfat oozing, prostate cancer causing, racoon piss smelling, face of ESPN.
Son: "I want to be like Chris Berman when I grow up dad!"
Father: Shoots son in the face with sawed-off shotgun.
by YourGirlMyHouse November 23, 2011

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