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Awesome Nu-Metal band that originally formed in 1993 and released their first album titled "Korn" in 1994 since then they have released Issues, Life Is Peachy, Take A Look In The Mirror, Follow The Leader, The Untouchables and See You On The Other Side. Before Korn was formed, Frontman Jonathan Davies was in Sexart, who only ever released one song called Seven, which i recommend you listen to. Also, before Jonathan joined, Munky, Fieldy and Head were in a band called LAPD, which stands for Love And Peace Dude. Korn like to present themselves and their fans as "freaks" and as such merchandise is available with the tagline "Still a F**king Freak" and their album covers and clothing usually features images which some people may call strange or disturbing. As for me, Korn are my favourite band and if people want to make fun of them and say that they are a band for little 13 year olds to listen to and say it relates to their life, then thats their business, but i would just like to say that i am 20 years old and i love their music. They are a very talented band and leaders for other bands to follow
Most famous Korn songs include
Freak on a leash
Got The Life
Right Now
Another Brick In The Wall (very good pink floyd cover)
Falling Away From Me
by YourFriend July 30, 2006

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