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A private college, which stands for "Next Year I transfer" or "Now Your In Trouble" Its run by business minded jews
When are you leaving NYIT?
by YourFace March 27, 2003
Incestous shippings (made usually by bronies or "cloppers") involving ponies from the Apple Family from My little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Examples of applecest:

Big Mac x Applejack

Braeburn x Applejack

Braeburn x Big Mac
by yourFACE July 16, 2012
the weird kids that wear dragons on their shirts, read/watch anime, play ddr, hackey sack, magic cards, are walking billboards for hot topic...and any other loser dragon type thing.
Ugh, they are such dragon kids.
by YOURFACE October 18, 2004
WOBA Is Text Slang Abbreviated for:
Working On Being Awesome.

The word is mostly featured on the show:
TheChrisTopProgram on Spreaker Web Radio
Nick- Really Im Only WOBA
by Yourface February 05, 2012

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