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When an old Japanese car becomes popular amongst the ricers, buying one becomes a nightmare because these idiots hold even the biggest heaps of box on wheels to such a high regard, they add an invisible tax to boost the price of the selling car far more than it should ever be, despite extremely high mileage and severe body damage. And then of course try to justify it by saying something like "It's a Honda, bro". Honda, of course, being the biggest example of this insane price rape.
I was looking online at old Hondas and Nissans because I enjoy these cars, but unfortunately even the ones with 200,000+ plus were retarded expensive because of the ricer tax. And because these idiots think it's a badge of honor that their car hasn't exploded yet , they really think an intelligent person is really going to pay $5,000 for their 435,000 miles driven 1984 Civic Wagovan with the ripped seats.

Person: Decent looking Integra, how much?
Ricer: $6,000
Person: It's a 25 year old car with heavy miles, are you retarded?
Ricer: It's a Honda, bro, value stays strong.
Person: It's in Acura, jackass, you're not in Japan. I'm not paying ricer tax for a car thats basically a beater.
by YourCarSucks May 15, 2011

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