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(Jamie Danger Wong)
The first bong that is aquired by a group of Cannabis smokers. Usually small in stature (inside pocket-sized) and often unclean. Though exciting and potent, a Jamie Wong often induces a variety adverse effects on it's bong-virginal users, such as Paranoia, Freak-outs, Trips and Fainting etc.

Caution- One must never use a Jamie Wong in a tent.
Stuart (Cannabis smoker A) "Mate! Scott's dad found Jamie Wong!"
Daniel (Cannabis smoker B)"Oh shit"
#jamie #wong #bong #weed #cannabis #tents #feak-outs
by Your-Villain February 16, 2009
(Wee Jabobulus)
A Jabboo is a small fat boy usually about 4, 9". He is usually in the early stages of puberty and naive to the ways of the world. His features can also include aesymetrical facial structure and squint eyes that appear to not focus on anything.
The Jabboo is a boy who will lie about his connections to Zac Efron, and who is keen social networker, and a slow runner.
The Jabbo's natural predator is the the Cougar (Puma concolor)

Daniel (Drunken Browser A) "Mate, I just commented on this fat boy's bebo photo, calling him a wee Jabboo"
Ryan (Drunken Browser B) "Oh shit, he looks like a stroke victim"
#fat #boy #bebo #stroke #victim #squint #zac #efron #cougar #vodka
by Your-Villain March 24, 2009
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