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A peeping Tom is a person (can be girl or boy) who looks at people in a state of undress through the person's window, or through a crack in the wall, or something else. Peeping Tom's victims don't know that someone is looking at them, and can often just act like there's no one there and have people see them doing gross things, or see them naked. You don't want to have a Peeping Tom peep on you.
Madelin: I caught Caroline looking through the window at my hubby undress, I'm so mad at her!
Jillian: I didn't know Caroline was a peeping tom!
by Your worst nightmare.... Nah February 18, 2013
Madeline can be nice at times, but other times she's a cold hearted bitch. She's pretty, with dirty blonde hair that's long and a bit curly, and she has these brown eyes that have some green in them. She's a slut, and uses her looks to get guys. She's really smart in actuality, but she pretends to be dumb so that people expect less from her. Madeline can be charming, but she can turn her charm on and off like a faucet. She's good a threatening, and can and will take advantage of you if you're feeling weak or bad. She doesn't mind lying to get everything she wants, and doesn't mind stealing, sleeping(in that way) and breaking the law if she wants something. Madeline surrounds herself with stupid people, and is their leader. Don't fall into her wrath.
Madeline took advantage of my best friend, now I'm mad at her.
by Your worst nightmare.... Nah February 17, 2013

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