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The female equivalent of blue balls. The condition a woman develops when she is seduced to the point of an explosive orgasm, and then abandoned suddenly by the seducer. It should only be attempted by a really skilled seducer since an amateur is quite likely to become impressed by his seduction of the woman and allow her to proceed to the aforementioned explosive orgasm. Pink Pelvis should only be given as a punishment for serial Blue Balls givers.
Q: Hey, why's Sharon so bitchy today.

A: Man, i gave her the Pink Pelvis last night.

Sharon's victim: Serves her right for Blue Balling me 3 times!
by Your shrink's brain October 22, 2010
Contraction of the words Vagina and Bacteria. Refers to all species and strains of bacteria found in the female anatomical birth opening, the vagina. Vacteria in the normal female adult vagina tend to make the vaginal area acidic by anaerobically breaking down glycogen to release lactic acid, which keeps the vagina healthy. So if dogs are man's best friends, then vacteria are woman's best friends.
I'd totally eat that chick out, but i don't really feel like getting any vacteria in my mouth.

Melanie's got so much vacteria, they've to push out her tampons just to make room.
by Your shrink's brain January 03, 2011

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