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Repeating a popular saying and/or acting in such a way that totally degrades the surrounding environment to a level of stupidity that is beyond human comprehension.
Dude, you totally busted a Nick!

Errhhmm, your busting a Nick.
by Your Mum April 13, 2005
Abstract verion of the word biatch, which itself is derived from the word bitch
You fucking beezotch
by Your Mum November 21, 2004
A new program with the amazing ability to create artwork that both plagiarizes, and totally degrades the human mind to a new unbelievable level of nescience. Fully equipped with the Nick's Goodness Tool, and the Make Better Filter, this program not only succeeds in making you look like a non-sentient life form, but also makes you feel like one too.
What the hell were you using, Photoshop ND?

Wow, another fine piece of art produced by Photoshop ND.
by Your mum May 05, 2005
more of a bitch really,
not very nice
ooooo loook at me im gulzaar !!!
by your mum March 07, 2005
A total retard, who I'm surprised to find they actually got onto this site and tried to post their piss-poor excuses for being an idiot. Can usually be found ANYWHERE, because they are the human equivilant of locusts. The only solution is to kill them. They do not cause any harm, unless they have a knife, and then they'll probably only use in on kids and OAPS.
normal person-I'm gonna just walk away.
townie scum- wot you sayin bludda?
normal person-(count to ten..)
townie scum-ere! goff boy! i did your mum last night!
normal person-I'm not a goth, I hate goths almost as much as I hate you.
townie scum-you IZZ a goff, cause you don't think you is BLACK! RINSIN'!
normal person-why should i be ashamed of being white?
townie scum-you iz right man, we IZ the master race!
normal person-shut up, you nazi fuck.
(blows townies head off)
by your mum March 25, 2004
a bitch, someone who is annoying,
you gulzaar, what a gulzaar, sea guls r
by your mum March 07, 2005
The noise a geek makes.
That Star Trek episode was neat. Neep Neeeep
by Your mum April 16, 2005

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