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255 definitions by Your mom

Fag, way cool armos call people gay on the low...g-yot ...g as in the letter g in english and yot as in the nummber seven in armenian...when u sound it it it giyot...meaning fag in armenian... G7 BRO!
Girl 1: Dude look at that parskahye...hes so hot but his jeans are really ass tight
Girl 2: gggggggg 7!!!!
by YOUR MOM January 06, 2005
61 42
While performing the act of anal sex, have a friend walk quietly into the room behind you. Then, quickly switch places so your partner thinks it is still your penis in her ass. Then proceed to walk in front of her, wave, and leave the room.
She didn't know whose cock was up her ass when i pulled a great escape on her.
by Your Mom May 03, 2005
51 33
A fucking retarded assholian
"Gavin! you're such a fuktarded assholian."
by Your Mom August 05, 2003
21 4
Phonetics for "fuck you"
Phuck ewe n00b.
by Your Mom December 15, 2003
23 9
1. The title of a book that features punk rock legend, Sid Vicious.
2. "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die". A store in England that was later renamed "Sex". It was owned by Malcolm McLaren, and was where the Sex Pistols bought their clothing.
1. Read Sid Vicious's story in "Too Fast To Live".
2. The Sex Pistols shopped at "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die", renamed "Sex".
by Your Mom January 14, 2005
36 24
Kevo, also known as Kevo Maximo, is a person who cannot add or subtract very well. He is attracted to children, and attracts the ugliest women. A Kevo Maximo will often be confused with someone who has just been hit on the head, because if you ask a Kevo how many fingers you are holding up, he will not know.
Hey look at that Kevo with all the ugly women around him
by Your Mom July 11, 2004
61 49
to unite in or as if in an amalgam; especially : to merge into a single body
I'm gonna amalgamate with jerry tonight!
by Your mom March 23, 2005
15 4