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when theres a perfect chance to rip into some one infront of his friends
big jock-"hey, im gonno bang your head against the wall, cause im a big stupid jock"

defensless little guy-"and ill bang your mom so hard up the ass that ill knock her teeth out"
by your mom July 11, 2003
by your mom August 02, 2003
When a male ejaculates on his hand and smacks the semen in a female's face while simultaneously whacking her in the face with his penis.
i gave that bitch a huge banana cream pie, and now she's got a big red amrk across her face!
by Your Mom April 10, 2005
encrusted or soft fecal forget-me-nots that are transferred from your anal paintbrush to your underware canvas.
his underware were so bad they had to call the highway patrol to come measure the skidmarks from the accident.
by your mom September 03, 2003
The best talk of them all. Sweet sweet drunk talk. When you're smashed and you're talking about everything and anything.

Coined by Homer Simpson
"When I was driving those bastards home, all I heard was drunk talk"
by your mom March 10, 2003
wild, overgrown, ungroomed pubic hair
I ain't going down on her anymore without a Dustbuster. Last time I did, I was hocking up hairballs for a week, cuz she's got 70's bush.
by your mom September 07, 2003
A channel that airs all animated shows. The shows during the day are all meant for children, and, as stated before, consist mainly of hacked up anime. However, starting at eleven, airs adult swim. The greatest mix of comedy and anime on television today.
"Dude, did you see Family Guy last night?"
"Hell yeah man, that's some funny stuff."
by Your Mom July 26, 2004

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