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A Taryn is an Irish Hillside.
I have no idea what to put right here.
by Your Mom February 26, 2005
Pokerstars is a place where someone can go when they are just too relaxed. Within seconds of entering PokerStars the relaxation will simply melt away as you quickly became frustrated beyond what you thought possible. While at PokerStars you can pretend like you are playing poker, but truly your fate has already been decided by the time you sit down at a table. You can be sure you will get a lot of great hands, but there will always be a better hand so that PokerStars can take in their fabulous rake.
I went to PokerStars yesterday. So I had AA, and this other guy had AA, and two other guys had KK. We all went allin, and the board made 34567, we all split and lost money because of the rake.
by Your Mom July 12, 2004
A rapper who recently passed away(June 11, 2007), signed with desert storm, but Byrd Gang Affiliated. He was a good rapper and made appereances with rappers such as JR writer, Jae Millz, etc.
Weatherman with that money I make it rain on 'em.
Weatherman with that paper I make it rain on 'em.
Weatherman with that kitty I make it rain on 'em.
I make it rain on 'em, I make it rain on 'em

Stack Bundles Weatherman
by your mom June 14, 2007
also BGP; placing oneself in the background of another person's picture (could be stranger or a friend), usually striking some strange pose or making some other gesture, unbeknownst to the subjects or the photographer
Who is that guy getting his BGPs in all of my pictures?
by Your mom January 17, 2005
synonym for "steady" or "constantly".
"You sturdy telling your girl, 'man, I could've been in it,' but you's a punk nigga, niggas don't fuck with ya, nigga."
-3 6 Mafia
by Your mom December 23, 2004
DJO wannabes whose school motto is "winning isnt everything, but beating oconnell is." People who think they are smart, and cannot even spell "respectable" correctly and cannot even produce more than 2 national merit semi-finalist per year, none the less match oconnell's average FIVE FINALISTS per year. Sports teams suck; football team depended on a 19 yr old junior who isnt even allowed to play in WCAC anymore because of that age; a basketball team who cannot even merit a single full scholarship to a top 20 school and takes in all the kids that couldnt make DJO's basketball team. Oh, and the uniforms are ugly too
PVI student: hey! look at my beat o'connell shirt!!!
(sports announcer): O'Connell 70, PVI 53

by your mom February 28, 2005
when theres a perfect chance to rip into some one infront of his friends
big jock-"hey, im gonno bang your head against the wall, cause im a big stupid jock"

defensless little guy-"and ill bang your mom so hard up the ass that ill knock her teeth out"
by your mom July 11, 2003
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