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when a guy gets horny he SPLOOGES!!!
matt got horny and splooged on himself!
by your mom April 18, 2005
1. alchohol
2. the famous kid on socomcodes, some people hate him, some people love him. his username is r3drum_inc
3. from a movie
1.lets drink some alchohol, and i want a redrum.
2. YAY!! its redrum's b-day, lets party
by your mom March 23, 2005
The greatest state there is, period. A great state that george bush has made the country and the world hate. Alot of people come on this website and talk shit about texas because of that george bush faggot. And as for the dumbass that said that hitler would have liked Texas he can kiss my ass. If that person (that probably watches mtv and has never been anywhere outside his home state) said that in Texas he would get his smart ass beaten repeatedly and mercilessly. Look beyond the blundering mistakes of george w and find the real texas.
That pansyfuck called texans ignorant so we beat his pompous ass and he was our BITCH!
by your mom February 27, 2005
One who expresses all qualities of dorkiness, combined with a severely limited social IQ.
OMG, you are SUCH a tavi! Get the hell away from me!
by Your Mom February 05, 2003
A school in Northwest DC. It used to be in a town house downtown, but then it moved to a big mansion, and changed like crazy.

This school is so uptight, and you get in trouble for the stupidest things.

Most of the kids are stoned all the time, as well as some of the teachers.

Almost every single kid that attends this school has ADD, ADHD or some other learning disability.
Joe: Hey Bob, whats the answer to number 3?
by your mom April 12, 2005
A selfish football player, who has everyone thinking he had no talent, despite he was 31th pick in the draft(to a SB team). They say he had no defense, but his defense had the name Killer B's(that's not a name for a sorry defense since it sounds cool), they said he had no running back(the truth is his HBs never got any carries), they always ranked high on pass offense(once again no carries for the HB and like were top 5 in pass attempts), and he tried to win a lot of games by himself.
the truth is Dan Marino owns just about every career passing record cause he was selfish, still same old from college(his team was #1, but he cost them, cause he was so busy trying to win the national championship) people kiss his ass cause he has records but no rings and they don't blame him.
by Your mom March 27, 2005
A fucking asshole
Fistagon is a fucking asshole
by Your Mom April 08, 2004

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