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Flipping a bitch is making an illeagal U-turn, usually done in the middle of a street or over a double line. Often times resulting in your passengers freaking out or shitting their pants.
"When she flipped the bitch I almost shit my pants"
"Just flip a bitch, there's no cops"
by your mom March 10, 2003
The ultimate evil
When I went to the website lo and behold I got a popup ad.
by Your mom December 06, 2003
dick, bastard in spanish
in the words of red hot chili peppers-
caabbrrrron, cabbrrrron, cabrrrrrrron, cabbbrrrron...
by your mom April 18, 2004
A girl who lays in a tub and sends a cascade of crap flying out of her ass into her mouth.
Tub Girl is the only thing that can make my penis hard.
by Your mom January 21, 2004
Talented band whose first album most CERTAINLY was NOT Tragic Kingdom. Sheesh. Get it right, kids.
No Doubt was est. 1987.
by your mom June 17, 2003
A better QB than Marino(Elway actually used his team), known for blowing the colts away by not joining them, then got humiliated in 3 SBs til' he won 2
He let Terrell Davis(2,008 yards) get some carries and that equaled rings, Dan let no one really get carries and that equaled records and no rings.
by Your mom March 27, 2005
a way dope sport (only consitered gay by fags who play baseball)
cool guy: hey, want to go play lacrosse?
fag: no i would rather sit around on my ass eating sunflower seeds and stair at other guys butts (in other words- play baseball)
by your mom March 21, 2005

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