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tight, trippy, awesome, cool, sweet
"I like pie"
by your mama December 03, 2003
she best sport event in the world
hay fag nba is cot hafe a good as soccer
by your mama March 17, 2003
a fucking clumsly dipshit
yo mama bitch!!!!
by your mama March 20, 2004
Beings who sacrifice or give away their most sacred belonings, including their lifes, for something they believe in or love. They are one of a kind, they are not seen much, each generation has its heros.
by Your mama June 29, 2003
quite correct (with an funny/sarcastic tone)
you damn trippy i kick ass.
by your mama March 15, 2003
queer or gay hunter- eats dudes
Corey is b.j.ing his hunting buddy again.
by your mama April 26, 2005
i wanna tap that shit!
*cute girl walks by*
dude: bdddat!
by your mama March 27, 2004

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