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A new song on DDR Supernova. Switches between 100, 200, and 400 BPM, and, at its hardest, requires hitting arrows at about 13 beats per second.
I A'd PSMO, but I failed Fascination MAXX. :'(
#psmo #psm #ddr #maxx #tlom
by your face June 19, 2006
a sexy fly young man
:::a sexy fly young man walks by:::
Girl 1:dayumm...ryecho
Girl 2: yeah girl, doi
by your face March 18, 2005
1)a phrase that can be used to add random humor to any situation 2) a phrase that you can use to make an annoying person leave you alone
1)Hey look at that!! Its your face!!

2)person 1:Do you fellas wanna hang out tonight?
person 2: Your face!
by your face October 12, 2003
Usually someone who buys a used Honda Civic for $2,000 and upgrades it with $10,000 in modifications, and then wishes they had bought that ultra-cool Scion that looks like the box that came in the mail with all of my sex toys in it.
Hey man, you stupid ricer! You could have bought that Scion and been the least aerodynamic piece of shit on the road!
by your face December 07, 2004
Two men get into a dragster naked and proceed to burn their rectums with fire, when their rectums have been burned, they then proceed to poop into each other's mouths. The men then will spit the poop all over each other and have anal sex. This is all happening while a third man watches while masturbating.
Eric and Raza and I had a great flamboyant dragster yesterday.
by your face October 18, 2003
aXe My Balls, something people say after they've had intercourse with an animal and need to deodorize them.
Richard: XMB, man, that goat smelled awful
by your face August 01, 2003
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