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A skater is someone who wears niga caps, vanz, hoodies, band t-shirts, spiked wristbands and stuff like that (DC clothing.)

An Emo wears skinny jeans (commonly black) chuckies, Hoodies, tight shirts, fingerless gloves, dyed hair and sidebangs covering their eye and spiked in the back.

Some times you see a mixure of these two what people define as Skemo, He doesnt wear baggy jeans nor too tight jeans either, he wears his jeans low and still well fitting (also known as straight fit) He does have the emo sidebangs covering his eyes but wears a niga cap on top of it (Not really fitted, a bit misplaced) And he wears a hoodie with the hood over the cap too make it look cooler.
He wears from vanz to dc to all stars, every style there is.
And often wears shirts that aren't on the tight side but still aren't to big, just well-fitting (pretty short sleeves and a shirt just about covering the belt if you wear your jeans low) Why just about covering the belt? Well your gonna want to show your white belt by shuffing the front part of your t-shirt into your pants (the backpart still hangs out.. otherwise it looks really stupid, so only the front part)
Emo: Hey dude look at that guy over there, His hair is rad! :D

Skater: Yeah! And look at them vanz he chillin' on! :O :O That must be one of 'em Skemo kids!
by Your Worst Nightmarexxxxx April 18, 2008

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