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When you've done loads too much and you can't breathe - you try to blow your nose and your brain falls out. Drugs have taken over your nose and have repeatedly fucked your nostil with a big black dildo
Nasal gang rape
Nose fucking
Inbred, butt muncher, ponce, moron probably from Adelaide and breeds bush pigs
#nasal fisting #nose ass fucking #nose fucking #nasal bush onion #you mum
by Your Mum likes Bush Onion January 29, 2011
Take 'what the fuck' and double it, and then add a little bit more
You: Mate, "what the cunting fuck"!!!!????

Mate: what does it look like, I'm fucking yer mum!
#mother fucker #fucking cunt #shit fuck bollocks #ah yer mum #no fucking way
by Your Mum Likes Bush Onion April 06, 2011
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