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One of the best shows around. it is a spin-off of the 80's version. The one today has characters such as "spike", emma's mom, "snake", mr.simpson, joey, craig's stepdad person, and catelin, joey's love. they were on the original degrassi. Degrassi deals with , teen pregnancy, rape, homosexuality, abuse (self, parental, and relationship), bad break ups, stealing, "the breakfast club", STD's, eating disorders, and everything you can imagine.
did you know manny got pregnet with craig... but it was not shown in America because we are big pussies.
by your mother July 27, 2005
eating your own species.
oh my god, he is a cannibal, he ate my best friend.
by your mother August 13, 2003
Someone who listens to ska music.
"All the punk rockers, and the moon stompers, were out on the corners where they were sparing for change."

by your mother July 08, 2003
The great director who brought us the Evil Dead trilogy and more recently, the Spiderman movies.
Sam Raimi is my favorite director.
by your mother March 29, 2005
1.when in the shower, a woman might take the shower head and change the setting so the water comes out of about 4 holes
and this woman might lay down on the floor or whatever and spread her legs and take the shower head and put it up against her clit sometimes causing an orgasim to take place
2. shower masturbation
3. masturbation that a woman can use during her period that cleans the vagina and does not get her hands dirty.
"why does the water sound like it is comming out harder?"

"maybe she is massaging her back"

"maybe that is why she is moaning!"

"oh crap she is using the water method again!"
by your mother May 07, 2005
any person who lives near 108st
those dirty buhars smell like ass with their unibrows and what not
by your mother April 12, 2005
In reference to a jumpshot in basketball, to make no contact whatsoever with the rim, net, or even backboard.

Antonym of 'nothing but net'
Man be acting like he gonna drop thirty on us, but his first shot was nothing but air
by Your mother March 12, 2005
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