2 definitions by Your Momma's Momma

1. Nickname for anyone whose first name begins with the letter "j"

2. Stands for Just Joking, similar to jk (just kidding), and is mostly used on AIM
1. Mulletman - Hey JJ!
Jane - Hey M&M!

2. cooldude911 - My house is on fire!
coolerdude1 - OMG, i'll call the fire department!
cooldude911 - JJ!!!! Gotcha!
by Your Momma's Momma October 25, 2005
1- slang term for the feeling experienced when doing drugs
2- being at an extreme altitude
3- opposite of low
4- slang term for being happy
1- Shaniqua: Did you see Tony doing that crack?
Tanya: Yeah, homie was high!

2- Shaniqua: So, you comin' to six flags with the gang?
Tanya: Yeah, but I ain't ridin' coasters. I'm afraid
of being high.

3- Shaniqua: The coasters aren't that high.
Tanya: They go 100 feet in the air!

4- Shaniqua: Tamika is going with her new boyfriend J-dawg.
Tanya: Snap! That girl must be high!
by Your Momma's Momma October 14, 2005

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